Saturday, September 17, 2016

Serendipity "Leave it bare"

Well I made this card for the "baby theme" challenge but as you can see I didn't quite make that deadline.. fits nicely for the Leave it bare over at Serendipity .. late but sweet.  It's hard to photograph white on white this is a true white with the pink bootie from Serendipity.

I've been enjoying the end of summer with time to paint..  here is a larger painting of a garden shed and a card size smaller painting of a doorway that I'm sending off to Dad.  It was only last September that I started watercolor classes and I'm so enjoying it.. See you can teach an old dog new tricks  :)Happy crafting..

Were not mentioning how crooked the roof is  :l
But I love the flowers.. watercolor with a touch of pastel.. Yummy

Just a quick card for Dad.. he doesn't have a place for a large painting but cards are always nice and small enough to keep..

Friday, September 9, 2016

Megan's Day

My little cup of Birthday cheer will go to Megan for her 25th birthday on the 11 of September.. Happy Birthday sweetie.  This card will go in challenges Seize the Birthday and Colour Q and Freshly Made Sketches.  Scroll down if you want to check out my watercolor corn.. I don't know who wants picture of corn on the wall.. but it was a fun project.

Fall is in the air.. and with it beautifully colored corn.  I have been working on this for awhile but didn't finish till this last week.  I added the photo with the ruler so you have an idea of size.  Happy crafting.  Susan

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

MIM Black and white to color

I'm not sure about this one.. I cut the card in half but when you put it back together it doesn't seem to fit.. Did the paper stretch?  Its like when the holidays are over all of your pants seem to have shrunk?  Well it was fun. I stamped the butterflies and sentiment in black then cut off a strip and left the small side while coloring the large side with colored pencils.. it reminded me of the adult type color books that are so popular now..  I added a bling and clear ribbon over a piece of pink paper and ta da.  Hope it brightens your day.

Stamp set is "What the Doodle: Butterfly stamp set by PTI

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Love is Patient..

This months challenge from
Serendipity is to "leave it bare".. that's hard for me. I tend to be old school.. more layers more love.. but here is my bare as I can get answer to the challenge. 
I hope to be back to blogging with the grand kids off to school (today was their 1st day)and life hopefully getting back to "normal."  
We had a wonderful summer.. camping, Yellowstone.. ocean YIKES no wonder I'm exhausted.  Thanks for checking in to view my blog.