Saturday, September 17, 2016

Serendipity "Leave it bare"

Well I made this card for the "baby theme" challenge but as you can see I didn't quite make that deadline.. fits nicely for the Leave it bare over at Serendipity .. late but sweet.  It's hard to photograph white on white this is a true white with the pink bootie from Serendipity.

I've been enjoying the end of summer with time to paint..  here is a larger painting of a garden shed and a card size smaller painting of a doorway that I'm sending off to Dad.  It was only last September that I started watercolor classes and I'm so enjoying it.. See you can teach an old dog new tricks  :)Happy crafting..

Were not mentioning how crooked the roof is  :l
But I love the flowers.. watercolor with a touch of pastel.. Yummy

Just a quick card for Dad.. he doesn't have a place for a large painting but cards are always nice and small enough to keep..


  1. Your card is a great example of Less is Best. And, your water color paintings are outstanding. I so amazed at what you did with those mediums. Dad will love them!

  2. Hi Susan : )

    It blesses my heart to see your name in my feed!! : ) Your card is so pretty!! White on white, EF (embossing folder) and pink! what combinatin could possibnle be better!

    Loving these paintings!!! Those flowers really are beautiful!! I had not noticed the roof until you pointed it out. The bold and beautiful colors you applied are just stunning! Dad will love this card! and I know he will save it too : ) You are so thoughtful to give him small masterpieces knowing he is a little cramped for space! Great work.


  3. Susan I love your simple baby bootie in pink! The paintings are quite amazing you have so much talent in one family! Im sure your father will love your gift of love and art!

  4. You're very talented! I love your paintings.. and your baby card is amazing too! Perfect to the "leave it bare" challenge!


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